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It’s Time for a Change

Create your new home with sustainable architecture. Improve your life quality and save the environment. Generate and store your own power. Start saving today using clean, eco-friendly energy.
Invest and realize with us solar farms. Be successful.  Produce renewable energy with low running costs and support decarbonization

Why should you go for us?

GBC is active in planning and implementing private residences with essential green design principles
Our philosophy is to offer you luxury homes with a minimum of negative environmental impact
How does it work?
Some of our keypoints
Sustainable architecture
Energy conservation
Our homes are designed, dependant on the area of construction, for maximum protection against the loss of warm or cool air
We use moisture -resistant insulating materials that do not cause indoor humidity problems as well as thermal panel windows which provide almost the same insulation value as traditional stone and wood construction
Sustainable architecture
Energy - plus - sources
Our homes are equipped with quality solar collectors and photovoltaic panels. Your house produces its own energy and may feed energy back to the grid
Careful siting
For example we consider the orientation of the house to the sun or we use earth - sheltered architecture as dependable source of climate control

Solar farms

We make going solar easy, so we’ll get a better energy service at a better price.
GBC plans, implements and invests in large solar farms
Why ?
- Reliable upfront costs
- Manageable investment risk thanks to the solar panel
  manufacturer`s long-term guarantee
- Low running costs
- Safe return of operations costs
- Reasonable energy source to balance energy costs for
  companies and improve their CO2 balance
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